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Buying a Home with Acreage?
Here are a Few Things to Consider

Owning a farming property or rural land is a unique experience. It's vastly different from owning a traditional suburban home in the city for a number of reasons. It's larger, the land type is different, and the real value is in the land itself — not the home. To learn more about owning farmland in Middle Tennessee, read over the following frequently asked questions.

How is the terrain?

Middle Tennessee terrain is a mix of flat, rolling, hilly and steep terrain. There are mixed areas of soil depending on the geography. Tennessee has lots of limestone rock, so some areas can be rocky. Creek and River Bottoms can include deep rich soils. For the most part, the mixed terrain in Tennessee offers something for everyone's tastes!

What are some good resources regarding crops and farm animals?

The University of Tennessee has compiled several excellent resources for farming, soil types, agriculture, and animals. They keep an updated account of crop news and economics for the benefit of different agricultural specialists in Tennessee.

What are the property taxes?

Depending on where exactly you live, and how many acres you own, property taxes will differ. In general, the State of Tennessee has some of the lowest property taxes in the United States.

If you own more than 15-acres of farmland in Middle Tennessee, you may be able to qualify for Tennessee's Greenbelt Exemption. Tennessee Greenbelt PDF.

What is the Middle Tennessee climate like?

Generally, the climate in Tennessee is temperate with warm summers and comfortable winters. Central and Middle Tennessee are both ideal for growing, as they make up some of the warmest parts of the state.

Work With a Farm Expert

Not only do I work with buyers every day to find the farm property or country home that's right for them, I have experience owning a large farm property. Allow me to leverage my years of experience to help you achieve all of your real estate goals in Tennessee. To get a better feel for how I will serve you, feel free to take a look at some of my former clients' testimonials.