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Maury County, TN

Welcome to Maury County

Located south of Williamson County and Nashville, Maury County, TN is a beautiful blend of charming small towns and breathtaking rural beauty. Columbia, Maury’s county seat, serves as its center for business, commerce, and conveniences, while the surrounding area offers hundreds of acres of undisturbed natural space, preserve, farmland, rivers, lakes, streams, and more. If you’re looking for a little room to roam, then Maury County might be the place to start your search. Come explore.

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Spotlights of Maury County


Nestled along the banks of the Duck River just 45 miles from Nashville, Columbia is a thriving city filled with possibility. Here, you’ll find a balance of big business, small stores and restaurants, and plenty of parks and quiet spaces.

Mt Pleasant

A little over an hour from Nashville, Mt Pleasant is far removed from the bustle of the big city. This charming small town is filled with quaint shops, eateries, and businesses and located in the heart of the lush Southern countryside.

Spring Hill

Spring Hill spans the border between Maury County and Williamson County, about 30 miles south of Nashville. This fast-growing little town has seen generous development over the past years, including both business and residential expansion.

Maury County Attractions

What You'll LOVE in Maury County

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The Annual Mule Day Parade

One of the biggest events in Middle Tennessee outside of Nashville, the Mule Day Parade is a long weekend filled with events, entertainment, food, and yes, mules. Live music plays throughout the entire event, and each day features different shows, competitions, and contests. There are log pulling competitions, mini-mule shows, mule races, driving shows, riding competitions, and more. If you’re in the Columbia, TN area, it’s an event you definitely don’t want to miss.

Beautiful outdoor spaces

Stretching over 284 miles through Middle Tennessee, the Duck River is one of the longest rivers contained entirely within the state—and also one of the most biologically diverse. The river passes through developed suburbs, larger towns, and remote and rural areas, allowing for a variety of public access points. The River also passes through the Yanahli Wildlife Preserve, which comprises six different State Natural Areas known as the Duck River Complex. The area around the river is ideal for a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, wildlife viewing, paddling, boating, fishing, and hunting.

Maury County is also home to a number of parks and nature preserves, such as Chickasaw Trace Park, Maury County Park, and Williams Spring Park, as well as part of the Natchez Trace Parkway and scenic Jackson Falls.

Maury County Public Schools

Public school students in Maury County are served by Maury County Public Schools, which educates nearly 13,000 students across 22 schools, one non-traditional high school, and one alternative school. The district employs over 900 teachers and 500 staff members and offers a variety of academic and extracurricular programs, including College & Career Readiness programs, Career & Technical Education, a variety of sports, Diploma 1:1, and more.

Diverse real estate options

Maury County real estate varies greatly across the county. Closer to its larger towns, like Columbia and Spring Hill, you’ll find suburban neighborhoods, many newly built, under construction, or waiting to be built. It’s also possible to buy land and build your own custom or semi-custom home. Further from these towns, the land opens up quite a bit, offering options for much larger homes and properties. Out here, you’ll find estates, horse properties, working farms, recreational properties, and more.

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